Intensive Counseling Services:
Intensive Marriage Counseling
Troy and Vicki will work with you as a team in couples counseling.  The sessions will be two hours and we can meet with you and your spouse either once or twice weekly depending on the need.  
We believe this more intensive, team approach to counseling is practical in that it gives you clinical perspective from both a male and female therapist who also just so happen to be a married couple!  The intensive couples counseling approach can be especially helpful for couples who desire to increase their communication, connection and intimacy.  This can be done in the context of pre-marital or marital counseling.  For pre-marriage counseling it is a wonderful way to begin life together - with a goal of learning the secrets of a successful relationship right away - making sure you stay connected and supportive to each other through all of the trials of marriage.  For marriage counseling, the goals would be to overcome the serious issues that threaten your marriage.  Perhaps you  have deep resentment, or have lost respect for each other.  If you believe you have done all you can to resolve your issues but are losing hope intensive marriage counseling may offer new hope.


To make an appointment call:
 Troy Vander Zwart, MFT 858-692-2095
Vicki Vander Zwart, MFT 858-761-3375

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