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We have helped clients successfully address a wide variety of personal issues related to home and family as well as work and career, including:

Counseling for Veterans, Active Duty Military and their Families

We have extensive experience working with military families and understand the unique challenges they face.  We have been trained in providing services to military families, military cultural competence, and the impact of deployment and combat stress on families and children.  We are in-network with Tricare as well as Military OneSource.  We can provide services to veterans through the VA patient centered community care, the Veteran's Choice Program, as well as through the Wounded Warrior Project.   We have completed the platinum level training through "Operation Treat A Veteran" in Cognitive Processing Therapy as well as Prolonged Exposure Therapy.

Counseling for Mood Disorders such as Anxiety and Depression
Everyone experiences emotional pain from time to time.  Sometimes the distress is severe or prolonged and interferes with your ability to function personally, at home, or at work.  If you are experiencing persistent anxiety or depression therapy can help alleviate the symptoms and resolve the the unedrlying cause.  If you are taking medications for anxiety and depression it is best to do this in conjunction with weekly counseling for the best results.  

Counseling for Relationship Issues
Relationship issues are the number one reason people seek therapy with us and can be addressed individually, as a couple, or as a family.  We want to help people deepen and sustain their most intimate relationships.  Many times people experience conflict or communication difficulties with their spouse, children, extended family, friends, or coworkers and come to therapy in order to gain skills to overcome conflict so that they can have enduring relationships.  

We also provide pre-marital counseling for those who are getting married and want to be proactive in learning useful skills, and avoiding common marital pitfalls to ensure their marriage is strong right from the beginning.

Counseling for Grief and Loss
Counseling can help you cope with any type of loss whether it be death, divorce, loss of a job, or any other loss.   We all have to deal with sorrow.  Problems arise when we try to stuff it down or ignore it.  We may try to numb ourselves from feeling it but it does not go away until we face it wand work through it.

If you are faced with a the death of a loved one you may initially feel overwhelmed with shock and your emotions, at times, may seem all-consuming.  This is a normal, human reaction to grief.  Through grief counseling you will gain a better understanding of the stages of grief and loss.  N
ot everyone goes through the stages at the same pace.  We go through a period of shock and numbness, wanting to deny the pain of our loss or deny the loss altogether.  We then go through a period of overwhelming emotion followed by a period of understanding and acceptance.  As we go through the stages we focus less on our pain and more on the positive memories of our loved one.

In counseling you will gain awareness of how to cope with your loss.  Realize that grief is a natural human reaction to loss and trauma. Feeling grief is something all people share in reaction to the death of a loved one. Grief can be different for each person and include a range of feelings such as anger, confusion, sadness and even guilt about surviving. 

Counseling for Trauma, Violence or Abuse
Victims of trauma, violence or abuse can feel so overwhelmed by feelings of fear, anger, or helplessness that their ability to function effectively is significantly impaired. Therapy provides a setting in which you can debrief and process the traumatic incidents in your life.  You will have the opportunity to deal with the emotional, behavioral, and physical reactions to trauma and find ways to cope and move forward in life.  Counseling for trauma focuses on resiliency and the ability to bounce back and regain a sense of control after a traumatic incident. 

We provide evidenced based therapies for treatment of PTSD such as Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy.   

Christian Counseling
Some clients are seeking counseling services that are grounded in Biblical principles.  Troy received his master's degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  His coursework and experience here provided him with extensive clinical skills and techniques to diagnose and help people with mental health and relational issues within the context of a foundation in faith and trust in God's plan to use all things to work together for good.  When clients request Christian Counseling, Troy strives to assist them not only to achieve interpersonal harmony but spiritual growth which is fueled by faith in God.

Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Dependency
If you or a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol it is important to seek help from a professional counselor.  Sometimes people get to a point where they know they need help and they are not sure where to turn.  It is important to seek counseling if you are facing consequences due to your drug or alcohol use, or if family and friends are concerned for you.  


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