Critical Incident Stress Management Services:

CISM services are provided to organizations in the aftermath of a traumatic event in the workplace.  We can respond as soon as needed after a traumatic event to meet with effected employees in groups or one on one.  Employees are provided with information about normal responses to traumatic events in our lives.  They are given the opportunity to debrief about what they experienced, process their emotional reactions, and are provided with concrete skills to cope with any behavioral, psychological, or emotional symptoms they may be experiencing.  

We provide CISM services for businesses as well as emergency personnel such as fire and police departments.  We have received training in basic and advanced group counseling, peer support, as well as the corporate crisis response trainings through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.  Vicki has also received training in resiliency, death notification, violent death bereavement, and victim and family assistance in the wake of mass disasters.  

We have responded to the following types of incidents:

bank robberies
armed robberies
hostage situations
suicide of employee or their family member
unexpected death of employee by accident or natural causes
accidents or injuries in the workplace
natural disasters such as firestorm
violence in the workplace  


To make an appointment call:
 Troy Vander Zwart, MFT 858-692-2095
Vicki Vander Zwart, MFT 858-761-3375

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